invisible dark matter

The invisible dark matter, the American poet Frederick Seidel writes in his correspondant poem, is something „we are not made of that I‘m afraid of“. But apparently this matter holds together our world at heart. In this audio-visual project the dark matter stands for the invisible forces that guide our lives: gravity and love, longing and infinity ... more

Songs of Life and Death

Songs of Life and Death is a musical and visual rollercoaster through the short life of the American poet Anne Sexton, a haunting mixture of concert, reading and live-projection. Michael Kolberg (e-guitars, sounds and effects) and Anna Stern (voice and vocals, live-projection) turn her lyrics into songs with hypnotic undertow. ... more

Der Grüne Salon

This format is open to every art genre: music, theater, performance, reading... In a living-room-like atmosphere kolberg+stern invite and present inspiring guests from Münster and neighborhood. In their own contributions to the program, performer Anna Stern and guitarist Michael Kolberg take off on a voyage into the unknown musical terrain. Their own intimate compositions are related to minimalist New Music and New Improvised Music. Afterwards there's time for conversation, in the cozy ambiance of the theatre "Der Kleine Bühnenboden". P.S.: Fresh wafers and coffee on the side!

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